Welcome come share a glimpse into the magical world of the South African entertainment scene, marketing,promotions,arranging and everything else in between.  Little did we know ten years ago that Feesomiland would be borne as a direct result of a mother and daughter team with a passion for charity work, live music, festivals, markets and a thirst to discover the unexplored towns, entertainers and venues of this beautiful country.


The pages and content on this website listing details on current and upcoming events, festivals, markets, venues and much more, are as a result of researching, marketing, fact finding, travelling and meeting up with amazing diverse cultures, personalities and like minded people.  This gave us the courage to live our dreams and make the world a better place by influencing one person at a time.  Giving back to the community lies close to our heart and we believe  that local is lekker.  We are making it our mission to support,grow and promote brands, movers and shakers locally by showcasing entertainers, guesthouses, makers and  vendors.


Our passion has evolved into a full time occupation  marketing and promoting festivals, singers and creating unforgettable events.   We can assist with any event no matter what the size or budget.  We work with brand new events from brainstorming sessions to wrap up meetings, and with existing events, expos, markets , brand activation, promos. launches and charity drives just to add our touch of magic. 

Featured Events

Live show with SA Divas in Pretoria for charity

Pretoria 31 Jan: SA’s Spectacular Diva Show
Venue: Monte de Dios

SA’s Spectacular Diva Show


Entertainment & Events Factory is well-known for functions, artists and glamour events. They are proud to announce their new production SA’s Spectacular Diva Show in collaboration with the following divas that will perform at this glamorous event: Corlea, Demi-Lee Moore, Monique Steyn, Liezel Pieters and Nadine.


According to Rex van Deventer, EE Factory’s CEO, the idea to bring all these amazing artists together on one stage, was born two years ago. “I made contact with them and asked if they would be interested in this concept. Everyone was very excited about the possibility. It is indeed a challenge to combine their voices, which I consider as the Top 5 female vocalists in the country, as they are very diverse. They are extremely talented and this collaboration will need a lot of planning, but is done in such a way that the challenge is an absolute pleasure.”


The planning of the Diva Show will most probably take two months to finalise, as everyone’s schedules must coincide and adapt so that there is enough time to meet and practise. This is also the reason why a process such as this can become an elongated one to ensure everything is perfect.


President Kruger Children’s Home will form part of these concerts and 50% of the funds made will be donated to them.
“I am very excited about this incredibly strong concept that will take place in our very own country, especially as the spotlight will also fall on women’s rights. The worth of these five women will ensure a successful production and something to remember.”


Corlea says that duets are much more of a challenge than solo songs. “One has to ensure you collaborate in such a way to add to each other and not take away from the other person. In a solo performance there is only one voice, in a duet you have to adapt to each other’s voices. You must listen to each other and deliver a performance that people can feel. When you succeed, it is magical.”
The Divas show is a bit more complicated than the planning needed for Pop vs Rap show. The five women all have different styles which makes it a bit more difficult. “All of us grew up with the same music and styles and we sing ballads, so it will be interesting to find a balance between the five of us. It is an amazing feeling when it does happen. I have a lot of respect for the girls; everyone brings something unique to the table. I can hardly wait to see how the audience will react to us on stage. I think is will be something to behold and I am just so excited!”


Demi-Lee Moore enjoys to perform with other artists. “Every one of us knows our voices and knows what our talent is and strongest points vocally, which makes it easier to work together. The concept to get five women to sing together is very unique and offers something different, which made this an easy decision to become a part of the Diva-concept.”


One of the best things an artist can do is to share their talents with others and see how it evolves and adapts. “It is a challenge, but I think more singers should collaborate. It is one of the best feelings that women can stand together and pull off a production such as this in a career mostly dominated by men. It is beautiful when women can stand together and give each other a place in the sun. I believe it exudes a good message to everyone out there.”


Liezel Pieters says all the singers in this production are known to them, so that makes it less challenging. Everyone’s voices are well practised and it won’t be difficult to collaborate with each other. “This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of this production, my passion is to sing and be on stage. To share a stage with these amazingly talented singers, will only be a pleasure.”


Liezel says it takes a lot of planning and determination to produce a production such as this. To have women with amazing voices like these girls eases the process.


“Most of us have a background of big productions which makes a concept like this easier and a pleasant challenge. Even though we practise thoroughly, I still experience a flutter in my tummy, but it is comforting to know that these experienced artists share the same passion which makes it easier.”


Liezel says she enjoys different singing in different voices/harmonies with other artists and knows this is going to be an enriching experience.


Nadine doesn’t see it as a challenge, but as a wonderful opportunity to fuse talent on stage. You know how you sound and feel and now you can see someone else perform exactly the same song that they prepared with their interpretation.


“Every song is a story and to perform and tell the story along with someone else is enriching and a privilege. Every opportunity where I had the privilege to perform with someone else, I took a memory in my heart from stage which I’ll always remember.”


Nadine says the way singers’ voices collaborate and how you feel in that very moment is often because of experience. It is when everything is going in the right direction and you sing a duet with other singers and experience when everyone is in exactly the same moment. It is not something you can really describe, it’s like running a relay race and you hand over to someone else – every athlete has his or her own way but everyone shares the same goal.


“Artists usually see each other at events or in the media or you hear a new song and you think wow you’d really like to sing with this singer, it would be nice to tell the story of this song with her. You tend to see each other’s qualities and range and when you then get the opportunity to work with that person, you grab it with both hands.

Time and planning can work out quite well because you know your favourite song that you want to sing and you know what works for you and the audience. Sometimes there is an old song that you always wanted to sing but never had the chance or sometimes you want to perform new music. This is the platform to do it and do what you love and makes it easier to choose your songs.”


She says when you are an artist in heart and soul and something you want to share with people, it is something that drives you when you are exhausted, that inspires and excites you.


“It’s an indescribable feeling to stand on a stage and you know you are an artist in heart and soul and in that very moment you can do it and it works so well. You make and take memories with a team of women and it’s a fantastic opportunity. What the audience see is a once in a lifetime opportunity because you know today is probably the first and the last time that it will be sung in a certain way.”


To book this production (for your city, school, festival, church or company function), contact Entertainment & Event Factory today on 071 600 8800.

I AM WOMAN Valentines Workshop: 


Hi sexy ladies woohoo…its out … the Valentines Workshop.


This year we aim to do ONE BIG event under 1 Roof @ The Cirk in Wynberg, Sandton.


As always we promise sexy, sensual, insightful, interesting, exotic and just Damn H🔥T H🔥T H🔥T FUN with the Girls.


Please go to www.larouge.co.za if you would like to book your spot. – we recommend you invite a friend to share the experience with you.


 Love is in the Air – Take a DEEP Breath

Dagdroom in die Boland show with various artists in March 2020

Met: Francois van Coke, Early B, Jack Parow, Hunter Kennedy, Pierre Greeff, Laudo Liebenberg, Arno Carstens, Tasché


Dagdrome in die Boland is ’n rock ’n rap show met topkunstenaars en Francois van Coke volspoed aan die stuur. Kom beleef treffers soos “Toe vind ek jou”, “Neonlig”, “Spaar my asseblief”, “Daarsy boys”, “Leka djy”, “Ben Ten”, “Altyd lief vir jou”, “Komma”, “Dans dans dans”, “Blue Eyes” en vele meer – LIVE!


  • 6 Maart 20:00 
  • 90 min | Van der Stel Sportgronde
  • R180 | R220 by die ingang


Vir meer inligting gaan na www.computicket.com

Up the creek festival in Swellendam with various live acts

4 days, 4 stages, 50+ live bands, you and your lilo!


Loyal Creekers, New Creekers and everyone in between. Up the Creek 2020 is a bit of a special one. It’s the 30 Year Reunion at the river…


Established in 1990, Up the Creek is the second longest-running outdoor music festival in South Africa. Set annually on the banks of the magical Breede River, about 23km outside Swellendam in the Western Cape. Grab your festie besties and enjoy four days of celebrating 30 years of great music, good food, chilled vibes, short queues, and a whole lot of gees.


With only 1 month to go, 36 of the 50 artists have been confirmed for your ear-listening, foot-stomping, woohooing pleasure. 14 more bands to be released soon.


Francois Van Coke, The Kiffness, Hot Water, Shortstraw, Wonderboom, Albert Frost and Tubatsi Mpho Moloi, Gerald Clark, Southern Wild, Bam Bam Brown, Bombshelter Beast, Rob Van Vuuren, The Toast, The Blues Broers, Crosscurrent, Sutherland, Poor Princes, Warongx, Orah and the Kites, Half ‘N Half, Amy Ayanda, Basson Laubscher, Little Ringo, The Unity Band, Jak Skandi, Boyes Drive, Flying Bantu, Nick Turner, Fake Leather Blues Band, The World of Birds, Ghetto Sessions, Akkedis, The Rockskandi Kings, El Cantante, The Robfather, Emerger and Paradise Citizens.


As always, tickets are limited to 2 500 and selling fast. Don’t be kak, be lekker!


Visit www.upthecreek.co.za for all the necessary info.

Rooy Food Market and Antique Fair in Potchefstroom
VKB Bieliemieliefees in February with various performers and singers

Vir die Bieliemiefees wat in 2020 vir die 40ste keer aangebied word, is alles ingesit om dit selfs beter en lekkerder as enige ander fees te maak!

Daar is geen ouderdomsperk op pret nie, so, as jy al oud of nog jonk genoeg is vir pret, is Reitz die plek vir jou van 13 tot 16 Febuarie 2020, want dit gaan ’n bielie van ’n fees wees.


Vir meer inligting gaan na www.bieliemielie.co.za

The sugar and spice fair on the 8th of March in Johannesburg
Klets Fest at Loftus Park with local rappers

The creators of Lentedag proudly present LILO, a pop up water park and music festival on the 15 February 2020!


Get those bikini’s ready and those all too tight yet kind of appropriate speedo’s out because splish-splash you’ll be taking a wild dive into something FRESH, something HOT and something too SEXY to miss. LILO is here and it’s ready to become your new favourite festival!


With over 16 acts on 3 live stages and a lot of water games and activities, LILO will be the first major student festival of 2020!


As always, our bar prices will also be student friendly.


Ticket link:

Come and dance till you drop at the spectacular Sonskynfees, an Afrikaans music festival offering fun for the whole family in aid of Alta du Toit Centre for intellectually disabled adults.


Enjoy performances from Lollos, Desmond Wells, Pedro Kruger, Brendan Peyper, Elandré Swartz, Nicholis Louw, Tasche, Cheree Strydom, Pieter Koen, Emo Adams, Dani Ville, Nadine, Francois van Coke and Charlize Berg.


Book your tickets at Computicket.



Railways Café in association with The Good life Venue brings its first music, arts & crafts festival to Irene, Centurion.


Surrounded by the beautiful old Pine trees of Irene, this is the perfect setting for that “out of town feel”. Beautiful lush grass and plenty of shady spots to keep you cool under that summer sun!


Vollebors in Afrikaans is ‘n splinternuwe produksie aangebied deur VONK Musiek en Entertainment & Event Factory. Dié tsunami van musikale talent vind plaas op 23 Mei 2020 by die Sun Arena, Time Square Casino, Pretoria. Dit gaan ‘n tsunami van Afrikaanse talent op een verhoog wees met meer as dertig kunstenaars wat hul beste werke in ‘n musiek gedrewe musikale opvoering gaan lewer. Dit op sigself is genoeg om hoendervleis oomblikke te beloof.


Maak jou reg vir ʼn legendariese musiekreis van oorspronklike Afrikaanse musiek, huidige sowel as nostalgiese treffers, alles op een verhoog. Vollebors in Afrikaans beloof ‘n belewenis van oorspronklike Afrikaanse musiek, opgevoer deur die oorspronklike kunstenaars. Daar wag ook optredes deur nuwe kunstenaars met nuwe treffers. Hierdie geleentheid beloof om die gehoor terug te neem in tyd en vir ‘n oomblik die horlosie te laat stilstaan terwyl nuwe herinneringe gekweek word met nuwe treffers. Talle optredes sal deur talentvolle plaaslike kunstenaars op internasionale vlak gelewer word, wie se bekers oorloop van musikale talente. Baie van die sangers is kunstenaars in murg en been en word die blootstelling gegun om dit ten toon te stel. Meeste van die kunstenaars is liedjieskrywers en sangers, sommige is ook bedrewe digters en ander kan selfs toor met ‘n verfkwas.


Met VONK Musiek en Entertainment & Event Factory kry dié oorspronklike musikale produksie vlerke en beloof dit om ‘n uitstekende produksie te wees. Met Vollebors in Afrikaans kry ware Afrikaanse kunstenaars die erkende blootstelling en word die behoefte aan nostalgie, kuns, liedjieskrywers en sangers in ‘n musikaal gedrewe produksie vervat. Dié leemte in die mark is deur ‘n behoeftebepaling vasgestel en die vervaardigers hoop om die behoefte aan kunste in ons land met dié produksie te vul en konsertgangers mee te sleur.


Kom bederf jouself gerus met ‘n heerlike musikale aandjie uit met melodieë van toeka wat nuut afgestof gaan word. Dit is ook ‘n geleentheid waar nuwe kunstenaars met hul treffers uitgestal word, so wees seker dat daar ‘n hele paar verrassings op konsertgangers wag. Moet beslis nie hierdie uitstekende-waarde-vir-geld-produksie misloop nie! Hou gerus sosiale media platforms dop vir meer inligting oor Vollebors in Afrikaans.


Kaartjies is beskikbaar by www.itickets.co.za

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Video Van Die Week 


Loufi – Ek is Broke

Album Of The Week


 The Third Gunman – The World That You Create



Roulette-rock outfit The Third Gunman’s debut EP The World That You Create is a shape-shifting entity filled with driving riffs and insistent rhythms that looks at the darker side of life.


For clarification, roulette-rock is a fan-coined term based on the fact that the members of The Third Gunman (Len Botha, Jacques Mouton, and Ishi Prinsloo) are all multi-instrumentalists with a penchant for switching roles on stage. 


This philosophy seeps into their studio work which, while based in a solid hard-rock sound, changes its identity at will. The almost QOTSA-esque feel of “Go Play Dead” takes on a dirty, dive-bar swagger in the statement of independence that is “Nomad Land”.


With its intricate guitar lines and slowed-down tempo “Look at Her Go” takes a sentimental turn while “Cut Your Beard To Spite Your Face” gives the tenderness of the aforementioned track a harder edge.


“Reckless Dream” and “Believe” keep the trend going, switching between moods and styles – the latter building into a bridge that, all things considered, shouldn’t be a surprise but still manages to subvert expectations – before “Evolution” cries out for help as it brings the party to an end.


When you listen to this EP – which you should – take my advice leave your expectations at the door and let it take you where it wants, you won’t regret it.



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