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Welcome to Little Shoppe Of Treasures

We pride ourselves on offering only the best, handpicked, proudly South African goods. In our shop you will find a unique blend of original gifts, crafts and lifestyle products from individual vendors showcasing their talent and diversity.  These are a few of our ranges that are available in our store situated at 1 Fox in Newtown. We hope to see you soon.

Spirit Activewear SA

Here at Spirit Activewear we aim to bring you an international standard of activewear that has all the new trendy design features.


We are a team of women who are very passionate about health and fitness and create collections with all of you in mind!


Our fabrics are at the very core of our design. It is incredibly important for us to use the highest quality fabric with the most comfort, so you can perform your best while exercising.


We use high-performance compression fabrics that are absorbent and highly durable. They will retain it’s shape and form wash after wash.


Our fabrics have four-way stretch allowing you to bend in any direction you wish. You do not need to have any transparency worries with as us, as that is a no no in our books! Moisture will also bounce right off our gym items and we use flat lock seams for your ultimate comfort.


We strive to create trendy and technical product that has a very clean yet edgy aesthetic. We have designed seamless crotches so you will never have to stress about camel toe again! Our tights are high waisted and well fitted so you can say good-bye to any unwanted lumps or bumps!


Welcome to a local activewear brand that you can rely on!


For more details on this incredible range and to place your order go to

Navarre & Marchand

We are a proudly South African company that specializes in handmade, handcrafted leather goods and accessories.


Our unique style is created by combining timber with locally sourced leather to create a well balanced and durable product.


Every product is conceptualized and designed to fulfill a need or
a desire. Our design approach is motivated by authenticity, originality, comfort, construct and an element of something the eye has not seen before.


All our products are handcrafted from the finest materials that guarantees supreme quality.

Tish & Shoo

Our core focus is to design and manufacture in Cape Town using litho printing, with environmentally friendly materials to produce beautiful South African made Retail Tissue Paper.


Packaging is an art form and as such we believe retail products can benefit greatly from our stunning custom printed tissue paper. Given tissue paper’s elegant appearance it can play a major role in the brand name recognition and presentation of any product.


Tissue paper is an essential part in the branded packaging experience. It is a simple but effective marketing practice that represents amazing value for money.


We believe our tissue paper can add a touch of thrill and anticipation for your shoppers. One day, 90% of all retail transactions in the South Africa will be online.

Tish & Shoo would like to be the preferred supplier that supports these retail and e-commerce stores.


To purchase products contact 082 839 3853 / 082 334 7668



Kaku is a mother and daughter initiative borne out of too many disappointingshopping trips. Both Karen and Sue love beautiful, comfortable, versatile, funky clothes that last for years, not merely a season. Despite having no experience in fashion, they embarked on an amazing journey to create a range of feminine, fun, gorgeous clothes for ALL ladies, irrespective of age, size and body shape.


They enjoy nothing more than the magic moment when ladies trying on Kaku clothes look in the mirror and exclaim “Wow, look at me!”


Karen and Sue are truly invested in helping ladies to appreciate their own unique brand of beauty. They have yet to fail in their quest to find a new top, dress or outfit that puts a smile on a customer’s face.


is not just a ladies clothing brand, it’s a brand created with love and appreciation for all women. For too long traditional fashion brands have failed to recognise that we are not all a size 8 with flat tummies and long legs. But why can’t we all still feel and look feminine and pretty?


Clothes are so much more than just the design, fabric and colour. They are a statement about who we are and what we want to project to the world. That’s why we adore colours that buzz and zing when you put them together. Electric blue with hot pink, sublime lime with dazzling coral. We dare you to wear our potent colour combos and not find yourself in a fabulous summer mood!


To place an order email

Lil Bambino

Lil Bambino is a online baby and toddler clothing range. We supply a unique collection of baby and toddler products, such as strollers, prams, pacifiers, crochet clothing, baby toiletries, dummy clips, teething rings and diapers.

Mama’s Toys

Royal Afrique Du Sud

The Royale Afrique du Sud story is one of love, passion and determination. It’s the culmination of Izette Dreyer’s drive to realise a divine calling by creating an authentic, natural product that heals, enhances and uplifts.


Pomegranate seeds produce a rich, nutritious oil that has countless proven health and beauty benefits. Our oils are natural, vegan and pure, and ethically produced in the Western Cape.


From seed to serum, Pomegranate Seed Oil is a miracle super oil packed with antioxidants, and the pomegranate one of only a handful of plants that contain lipid punicic acid known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Our products are eco-friendly, not tested on animals and 100% sustainably sourced.


Every bottle of Royale SA Pomegranate Seed Oil produced by Izette and her team speaks to a love and deep-seated respect for the fruits of the earth that have been gifted to us. It’s a brand built on passion, hard work and the belief that both beauty and wellness is more than skin deep.

Minx Marketing

Minx Marketing is a first choice representative and distributor of key note brands and innovative products in Southern Africa.


We will market, distribute and represent your product range with the upmost integrity and intensity guaranteeing you high sales volumes, integral business practises and representation to surpass your expectations.


Minx Marketing consists of a young and diverse team of sales, merchandising, distribution and administrative staff every one of whom are hungry for growth and full of determination to place your products in the purchasing view of every consumer in our territories.

Hairy Tools

Hairy Tools is more than just a brand – it’s a lifestyle. We don’t follow trends, we create them.


We pride ourselves in making sure that we cater for everyone, granted you have a beard – have a love for beard grooming – or at least have an interest in growing one.


We know that Beard care is not only for the Bearded but for the ladies as well. Our products are meticulously layer-blended by hand and created by the Tool Creator herself, who knows exactly what it takes to be the lady behind her bearded wonder.


We are a proudly South African Brand and are based in the Metro city, the Lifestyle Hub… Johannesburg. And our digg is Beard. Beard oils, Beard Balms, Beard Wash, Beard Grooming, Beard Accessories and more. You get it, right? Follow our Beard talk with the Hairy Tool himself because … Beard.

City Girl Beauty Line

City Girl Beauty is inspired by all things us city girls love. Feeling good about ourselves and everything we need and want in order to feel that way, you know like we can take on the world. It’s inspired by different cities and different vibes, by ladies all wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin, different styles and different tastes. This brings me to my next topic, my gorgeous lipsticks.


“I have way to many lipsticks – said NO woman EVER”


I LOVE a matte lip, this is also one of the reasons I chose to launch with a liquid lipstick first! It’s my absolute favourite thing to slap on a lipstick, hassle free when applying and it stays put all day long. No one wants to touch their lips up on the hour, at least I don’t, I don’t have the freaking time! I’m an on the run girl, and my lips have to look good always!


This formula is VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & PARABEN FREE. It is not drying on the lips & glides on like a dream. It’s a long lasting, matte formula.


Right now there are only 6 lipstick shades available, 3 classics which is a vibrant red and 2 nude shades and then 3 shades inspired by Spring, bright, happy colours.

My Kinda Happy

Whatever our creative family can dream up to make your home a haven, your wedding décor unforgettable and your party the one to beat!

ForEVA Straws

Plastic straws are so last year! With help from Foreva Straws you can ditch the plastic and join the new drinking revolution. Their stainless steel alternatives are the better choice for your health and our environment offering a way to easily skip the BPAs and enormous wastage of plastic straws. Using high quality steel this South African company have created a durable and stylish product perfect for any occasion be it serving cocktails or smoothies.

Die Volgende Stop / The Next Stop

It is a fact that South-Africans are a proud nation that cherishes our people, environment and unique South African events! We can list various elements that are so part of our culture here in sunny Africa such as a braai, holiday, camp, national parks, adventure, outdoor activities, the big five and of course playing board games.


This board game has been designed by proud South African citizens that would like to strive towards a good heritage for our children and to teach them some of our unique South African elements. While you play the board game The Next Stop you will learn things about our beautiful country and you can enjoy the game with your family and friends.

Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint

Chalk-finish paint has been around for a long, long time. In fact there’s evidence to suggest that hand made chalk content paint was being used in the same century as Ivan The Terrible, roughly the 16th century. It’s an incredible product with unlimited potential!


We, along with over 100,000 Fans think this is the finest chalk finish paint out there! That’s quite a statement but try it and you’ll understand why.


Our Old Fashioned Paint has a chalky/old fashioned finish and is formulated to have incredible adhesion properties. It can be applied to just about any surface without any pre-preparation or sanding required. It works well on ceramics, enamel, wood, plastic, glass, melamine and even fabric (yes fabric)


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned crafter, using Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint could not be any easier! It’s also really easy to apply vintage/distressing techniques using just a pot scourer or a light sand with sandpaper to achieve that old fashioned/shabby look.


Cleaning up is also a breeze as our products are water based and are also gentle on the skin, as our formulation does not contain any harmful solvents. It’s our wish that we inspire you to discover your full creative power, defined with each stroke of the brush.


Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint is low odour and is completely LEAD FREE. We offer our Old Fashioned Paint in over 34 old fashioned inspired colours, 3 chalk-based metallic colours and now 3 real-metal metallic paints – ‘Liquid Metal’

Is Moz Bos

Die storie van dié besonderse bosseep het begin by ‘n ware bosliefhebber wat haar grootste inspirasie in ‘n prentjiemooi bosveldlandskap gevind het. Erens op ‘n verlate grondpad in die verruklike Botswana het die aanloklike aardse reuk van wildesalie haar aandag getrek – in vervoering met die geurige struik wat so eg bosveld ruik het sy net daar besef dat dit gedeel moet word met ander.


Bondels en takke was bymekaar gemaak en sorgvuldig verpak – en so het sy vertrek met ‘n tas vol wildesalie en ‘n kop vol drome. Kort voor lank het sy met haar finesse vir formules begin met die ontwikkeling en vervaardiging van ‘n besonderse lyfprodukreeks wat geÏnspireer is deur die beeldskone eenvoud van die bosveld.


IsMozBos se Bosseep is ‘n klein stukkie bosveld-bederf waarmee jy op reis of by die huis die muskiete kan eenkant hou en jou verlustig aan die onmiskenbare geur van die bosveld.