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My father Wikus Louw sparked my inspiration to become a photographer. At the curious age of ten I began to accompany my talented father to his weddings and just by merely carrying his camera bag I could observe how talented he really was.


The work was difficult (with a medium format camera: Hasselblad) as well as long hours, however once I captured stunning photos of various decorations it showed me exactly what I was capable of. It gripped my interest and I quickly began to Love and learn more about it. The older cameras got more expensive as time passed by, so in 2004 we made the switch to digital cameras and the same year began my journey into my solo career breaking away from my fathers wing.


At this time I was still a high school student with a lot to learn but I was main photographer at various weddings which gave me valuable experience. Today I do photography full time which I am so grateful for, it is my passion and I live to capture beautiful images.


Capturing a moment into a irreplaceable image that could last forever, this inspires my love for photography and leaves me feeling empty whenever I do not have my camera with me.


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